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I create beautiful design and engaging experiences to help brands flourish. I’m passionate about doing great work with great people: I’ve worked with big brands and one-man bands, designing websites, brand identity and print work to help them grow.

I run design agency Supersonic Playground.

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Relentless Energy Drink

Combining great content with innovative website design

Popular in the extreme sports and underground music scenes, Relentless has a devout fan base. So how do you combine rich content and innovative website design to engage this audience?

The 2012 website

Relentless Energy Drink 2012 homepage

For the new 2012 site, I worked directly with Relentless’s branding agency Resistance Partners, which was a great collaborative experience.

They key challenge was to create a new design that was innovative, that allowed us to feature a lot of our rich content, but also allowed the really visceral video content that Resistance had created to have maximum impact.

The result was a modular design with semi-translucent panels that allowed the video content to play in the background without being obscured.

It was also technologically rich, combining chromeless YouTube video, infinite scroll, Isotope and Masonry.

Relentless Energy Drink 2012 artist page

The modular design is carried through to the various sub pages, where full screen video makes way for more static imagery.

Relentless Energy Drink 2012 competition page

Mobile ready

Relentless Energy Drink 2012 mobile homepage Relentless Energy Drink 2012 mobile article page

The site was built using Isotope and Masonry, so making it mobile ready took minimal effort – the content modules are rearranged as the user’s screen changes size by default, and once we get down to mobile screen size, it simply changes to a single column layout.

Social engagement

Relentless Energy Drink Professor Green Facebook competition

Our work on Relentless went beyond just design, and included maximising the reach of their brand ambassadors, like this Facebook competition featuring Professor Green.

Relentless Energy Drink Professor Green Facebook competition close up Relentless Energy Drink Professor Green Facebook competition close up

The 2011 website

Relentless Energy Drink 2011 homepage

The previous version of Relentless’s website gives some clues as to the direction the later site would take, and was still based around the key aim of allowing users to quickly filter through the wide array of rich content.

Relentless Energy Drink 2011 homepage carousels

Each of the main carousel items was a bespoke piece in itself, combining quality assets and custom typography to maximise impact.

Relentless Energy Drink 2011 article page

Bespoke sections are also created for special events, like this one for the Super Series.

About me

I believe that design should be available to everyone. It doesn’t matter what your company’s size, budget or business is: great design will help you tell your story better. Design isn’t just about visual style: it can change how your business works, and how your customers see you.

I run design agency Supersonic Playground, based in Lordswood, near Maidstone in Kent. I have 16 years’ experience in design, most recently as head of design for Zone, voted 2014’s number 1 independent agency in the UK by The Drum magazine. I relish working collaboratively, and put my utmost into every project.

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